June 27 2015

Today Branden and I went downtown today to grab a bite to eat at a local Pizzeria in Downtown Springfield called Pappo’s Pizza If you are new to the Springfield,Mo area definitely take a trip there!!! The food is amazing!!! 

WP_20150627_006 WP_20150627_007 WP_20150627_008 WP_20150627_010

After eating we decided to take a stroll and take a few photos of the downtown square,WP_20150627_011WP_20150627_012

OOFTD is a compilation of drugstore finds all either purchased at walgreens or walmart 

 Starting from the top!!!

Hat: Walgreens-$2.99

Sunnies- Ebay 0.99 ( killer deal!!! I am planning on redoing these but not to sure on what to do with them so as of now they are just a blank pair of sunnies )

Necklace- WILMA By Nefertiti’s Ear 

Shirt & Bandu By LEI- Walmart $5.00

Palazzo Pants Walgreens- 2 for $10.00 

Shoes- Target- I got these a long time ago so I don’t remember how much they were I think they were around $19.99


I love this outfit very flowy and carefree it gives you just enough coverage but shows a little bit of skin  I was kind of going for a simple bohemian Chic with a few pops of color here and there and some skin peeking out!!!


At the age that I am currently at right now I have come to embrace my mind and body and remain healthy I used to be one of those girls who worried about EVERYTHING, But I have really come to appreciate my body and mind and also learned that you only get one of these things ( err… your mind and body that is ) so why not make the best of it!?!?!?  And just live life I am glad I am more aware of this and not letting my body image get in the way of me purchasing things because ” it wouldn’t look right on my body” I’ll continue to wear whatever makes my heart sing until the end of time!!! 

Until then Chickadee’s




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