June 29 2015

Today was such a great and relaxing Monday. Honey Bear and I both had the day off which is rare so we decided to make a day of it!

We had lunch shopped around and picked up some extra supplies for my jewelry! And finished the day off right with some Ice Cream from coldstone! I got Strawberry Mango with Peanut Butter, I have weird taste buds but it tastes like A Pb&J don’t judge me!


We stopped by a local bead store called Touchstone another place you’ll need to stop by and check out if your new to the Springfield MO Area, they can be a bit on the pricey side but they definitely make up for that with the excellent customer service and wonderful quality in their beading supplies and not to mention they are ALWAYS  having some sort of sale!

Joftd: Wrinkle In Time Ring-Nefertiti’s Ear

Gold Arrowhead necklace -Nefertiti’s Ear -not yet listed

Big Buddha Stacking Bracelets-Nefertiti’s Ear

Created with Nokia Smart Cam



So today was kind of a lazy day but still wanted to be cute not to mention it was HOT AS HADES out side so I decided to wear these purple Gem shorts by Lei ($5.00 at WalMart) a Floral Bandeau and a sort of Meshy African Print top that I Picked up from a local Thrift shop ($2.99) I love this shirt it can be worn many different ways and dressed up as well as dressed down, I had on my strappy wedges on earlier today but opted for my simple gold strappy thong sandals from target, to give me more of a chilled out vibe and for extra comfort!!!! Both pairs were purchased from Target and were both around 19.99$


And speaking of sales Touchstone had an awesome deal for $5.00 grab bags , now I am not one of those ppl who buys things like this Honey Bear on the other hand is a Grab bag pro, “its all about how heavy the bag is” he says, so I buy the one he picks out and low and behold I hit the jackpot! So Branden tells me to go in and buy two more bags, knowing how I am; I am hesitant about picking the bags out myself because they all feel exactly the same especially in weight, I grab two and make a dash for the cashier so I can run out and open them up and see what I got! Look at all this booty!!!


Well until next time!!!! I make and sell all of my jewelry that I wear most pieces are available on my store at


– have  a great day-


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