Happy 4th! Oh and Pintrest is a LIE

Has anyone ever set out to do a DIY project that you’ve been longing to do!?
I mean you pinned it years ago and NOW you finally have the time to do it I mean fully commit!
Well this JUST happened to me over the weekend, maybe it was user error I am not sure but I’ll start from the beginning.

I have always wanted a pair of “Star Spangled High Wasted Shorts” I think they are absolutely adorable, I had been eyeballing these shorts for quite sometime on my beloved pintrest! and watching other pinners recreate the look! The particular style that I wanted to re-create was this:

ee4c7fbb43a7f47c80a4dae85d95f0e1 (2)

Cute right?!  Now typically with pintrest you usually get a link to the creators blog, so I click the link only to find that the blog either A) Doesn’t exist or B) it’s the wrong link. In my case the blog didn’t exist but looking at the photo I figured how hard can it be? Right ? WRONG I went down my check list to make sure I had everything that I needed.
Duct tape
Paint Brush
Old pants that were cut into shorts.

I thought that was everything, So I start my DIY Project taping the “Stripes” Down so I could have a straight edge and so the colours wouldn’t bleed. Once I had the lines in place I began painting…. first the white then with the red and then moving on to the stars on the other side of shorts. It didn’t occur to me that I needed fabric paint until it was too late after I realized that, I figured that I was committed might as well finish the whole project and see how it turns out. I should have stopped but I didn’t. While “trying” to stencil in the stars with white paint, the stencil wouldn’t stop moving! the paint would collect under the stencil and create big splotches!!! UGH the frustration of using the stencils. So after about 10 times Branden  says “ why don’t you just outline the stars with tape and repaint ?”   It worked! I mean you can actually tell what the little splotches were!  Once I was finished I removed all tape and looked back at the side with the stripes only to find that the paint had begun gathering underneath the tape, and caused a running effect! FAIL! I mean I could NOT get this DIY project right.  This was definitely a user Error but PINTREST is still a LIE !!! I’m just kidding!! Below is my complete and utter failure!


Maybe I’ll try it again next year.

Heres what I ended up wearing for the 4th!!

I’m sure you guys recognize the top, I was in a pinch and didn’t have time to wait in traffic just to buy a new shirt that I would literally wear one time. So I just threw something together!
I paired this outfit with a pair of simple hoop earrings and a statement necklace
along with a red bandanna and a pair of red suede shoes.

Necklace Earrings – 1$ Jewelry Store
Red Suede Shoes : Top Shop in Chicago $40.00

WP_20150706_003 WP_20150706_004 WP_20150706_005

We ended up having a small get together at a friend’s house and watched the fireworks display from their backyard, It was a really good time unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a full Ootd photo but here are a few photos before and while the fire work display was going on.
IMG_3564 IMG_3565



I hope you guys had a great 4th!!!! and Have a great work week


3 thoughts on “Happy 4th! Oh and Pintrest is a LIE

  1. haha, #pinterestfailsforthewin I’ve tried a few DIYs and they never work! I am thinking of doing a few posts on #pinterestfails ! Much love, Brandi @paperplanelaneboutique

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