If You Like it I Love It

I was recently watching a YouTube video 
Called #Confidence is Key by  Aishek1118 and it really hit home for me.

Watch Her Video Here

As a child my mother and I would always go shopping I would pick out a random piece of clothing and ask my mom what she thought and her response was always the same ” If you like it, I love it” it would ALWAYS frustrate me because I wanted her to say, if she liked it or not, I now realize what my mother was doing she was allowing me to explore and find myself and not let anyone’s opinion effect how I felt or let alone what I wear. I was too young to understand that at the time. But now I do and I will forever use that quote as my mother did to help me define who I am as a person and to be confident in whatever I chose to wear/ do with my life …
So if your ever nervous about something your choosing to do with YOUR LIFE just remember “If You Like it I Love it” and never apologize for the life choices that you made, even if they were  mistakes.


See you later Chickadees


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