My natural hair routine!!!

Hey ya’ll!!! for those of you who follow my youtube channel you’ve probably already watched my updated natural hair routine! I figured i’d would share my video on my blog as well!!! here it is!
My Natural Hair Routine

feel free to comment subscribe and rate!!! have a great hump day!!!!!
If you don’t feel like listening to me talk here is a list of all of the products I am currently using :
here’s a list of the products that I have been using
Shampoo : Shea Moisture Strengthen Grow and restore shampoo
Conditioner: Marc Anthony’s Hydrating Coconut oil Shea butter Sulfate Free conditioner.

For Styling: I am loving the Dark and Lovely Products

Dark and Lovely : Au Naturale Anti-Shrinkage coil moisturizing soufflé
Dark and Lovely : Au Naturale Anti-Breakage Super Softening Hair butter ( my current OBSESSION)



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