I am not sure on where to start, this blog entry so I guess i’ll start from the beginning.
Growing up I lived in a very health conscious home, we were vegetarians for a bit, We did the Zone Diet for a bit, and then went organic not to mention that  I was ALWAY exercising, and I’m not talking about easy exercising, I am talking about gut wrenching morning jogs with my mother every morning at 5:00 AM before school and then going down stairs to lift weights after the run,  and this was all around the age of me being 12 ( I think ) now I am not complaining, as I am sure there is someone else who grew up in a household like mine, their family was very health conscious.

I am just wondering what happened; why did I stop?

As I got older and began high school I began running track. I remember I wanted to do hurdles SOO bad I wanted to be the skinny graceful long legged brown girl! Sadly my coach had other things planned for me; and I was promptly told ” You’ll need to lose weight baby if you wanna run hurdles ”  Needless to say my freshman year was probably my worst year, I am pretty sure I started out at 200 pounds, and going through a culture shock of transitioning from an International School in Germany, to now attending a US Based Public school, I also did not loose the weight fast enough to be a great hurdling gazelle 😥 But I did learn that running was something that I was actually really good at. I wasn’t a sprinter, I was a mid-distance girl with big powerful thighs and calves, I ran indoor track in the winter and outdoor track in the spring, AND ran cross country, and I ran my ASS OFF!


Fast forward today.

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I’m a twenty-something  young woman, who works full time at an office and is trying to start her own jewelry business… Did I mention that I am also in a relationship…  I think somewhere along the way I lost myself, my health conscious self that is, I’m happy; I have a great job and I have someone who loves me.

I might say… a little too happy,  as a matter of fact I was so happy I stepped on the scale a few days ago,and it said 180 pounds.  Needless to say, my happiness vanished when I saw that number. I stand at 5’9 inches I am far from short which means I hide my weight very well.  So I was shocked to see that number looking up at me; I was so shocked that I cried.  Now I know it might not seem like a huge number, but weight has always been something that I have struggled with, and I decided that day, I would start being a better person towards myself, I went out and got myself a gym membership, and began working out, I am only on day three of this workout habit that I am trying to rebuild, as well as the redeveloping the habits my family instilled  into me as a young child.

I know we all get busy and forget about the most important thing.
which is yourself and your health!!!

Follow me on this weight loss Health Journey, I’ll still post the same things that I have been, But they will have a more healthier outlook on life, ESPECIALLY My FooDIE  Entries, because Ya’ll know I like to Eat! I guess this a good time to mention, that I have returned to my pescatarian ways,

  1. a person who does not eat meat but does eat fish.

Have a great Monday and stay healthy & happy!!!

Oh! If you’re wondering what workout I am doing right now, please see below

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